Reviews / by Kara Starkweather

Thank you Mendocino for filling the theater for our three performances this weekend. Here are a few of the comments we received:

"Transcendent movement expression. Complex artistic articulation with premised subtext of motherhood. Wonderful, talent, worthwhile."

"Sit With It was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! I am still amazing, beautiful, artistic, athletic, brave, intelligent, heartfelt, real, astonishing, strong. I am in LOVE with this group of dancers and this show!! This is a must-see, IF you can still wrangle a ticket for tomorrow or next weekend's performance in Ukiah. Do not miss this show!"

"I really was moved deeply by the show; besides being beautiful and physically awe inspiring--I left with a sense of joy, sadness and release from watching the deep and revealing performances."

"I keep thinking about it...i went to all three performances and each was it's own perfection, but last night...just beyond sublime. Layers and layers of meaning and beauty and magic unfolding and unfolding. They could take that show anywhere. it's that good."

"...blown away with surprise, joy and deeply moved within. The troupe reflects a unity not easily found among dancers--many women moving as one--with times for individuation throughout--so filled with beauty, fluidity and most compelling."

Come see us perform in Ukiah on Saturday June 13th at 7:30 at the Mendocino College Little Theater if you haven't yet. Buy tickets by clicking Buy Tickets on the top of the page or come to the theater at the college.